Buying Guide: What is the Best Rain Jacket for Fishing?

Bad weather is one of the worst letdowns for any fishing and camping enthusiast. But don’t let it rain on your parade (pun intended) by always bringing a waterproof rain jacket that’s built for fishing. It can spell the difference between an easy breezy and a nightmarish fishing experience.


When shopping for a rain jacket, look for the following must-haves:

Your rain jacket must be waterproof

Of course, this is a no-brainer. However, this still needs to be pointed out because not all jackets that are labeled “waterproof” are indeed waterproof. A truly waterproof jacket has passed a hydrostatic-head test—it can withstand intense water pressure to prevent any leaks.

Aside from the main jacket, also take a look at the small details like the stitching and zippers—they have to be waterproof as well so that water will not pass through doing heavy downpours.

Your rain jacket must be breathable

While most jackets offer waterproofing, the tendency is to compromise breathability. Non-breathable jackets are easily prone to foul odors because of sweat and lack of air flow. They are also very uncomfortable to wear because the lack of air circulation will make you sweat a lot.

Breathability varies depending on how a jacket is manufactured, being measured in terms of the amount of moisture that can flow into a square meter of fabric in every 24 hours. The ideal breathability, experts say, is 5,000 grams of moisture.

Make sure that you buy a rain jacket that can keep your body cool by diffusing humidity and sweat.


Your rain jacket must have layers of fabric

The fabric layers—ideally two to four—should all be water resistant but are breathable and can get rid of sweat from the skin.…