Fish Like a Pro: Fishing Gear Information for Beginners

So you have decided to go fishing. It’s easy to start. You don’t have to run every day to get in shape like if you should if you are aiming for a marathon. You don’t have to lift weights to build up your muscles. And how much could a rod and reel cost? All of the above is true, but not for the serious fishermen.

Choosing a fishing rod can be a little daunting for a beginner

The serious fishermen spend days and weeks perusing the internet and magazines to find the right rod. Usually, the right rod of choice is handmade, and it is ordered with specifications to the serious fisherman.

Beyond how long rod you want is how stiff or flexible you want it. It will be made of specific materials from wood to graphite. The rods will vary according to the type of fish that it will be used for.

The serious fishermen can order a rod from everything from trout fishing to deep sea fishing. And these rods are not cheap. Starting at around hundred bucks, these rods can cost upward to thousands. Aside from the handmade rods, rods in fishing stores can cost up to hundreds also.

Many recreational fishers who fish off the bank prefer to use a cane pole. It’s a long fishing pole usually without a reel. The line is attached directly to the small end of the pole. You just yank the fish up on the bank when you caught it. This is a cheaper way to start fishing.

After the rod is purchased then the decision on the reel has to be made. Basic reels are either in a closed reel box or are open-faced where the string comes off an open reel. You just control it with your thumb.

The beginning fisherman wants the one with the closed box since it will not tangle up like an open face reel. Again the reels will cost from about twenty bucks to the thousands.

Avoid getting your fishing line tangled up

The serious fisherman quickly knows which reel will hold up for hours of fishing. If your reel gets messed up, it’s very frustrating. And if you are tournament fishing you need reels that will perform perfectly when dollars are on the line for the winner.

Use proper fishing line

Along with the reel is the choice of fishing line. So when you purchase the fishing reel, load it with a proper line. You do not want the catch the big one and have the line break and you lose your catch.

Fishing line comes in sizes called strengths. It is calibrated by pounds.

This means if you are fishing for fish that are small you can use fishing line that is lightweight. On the other extreme, you can use a larger number weight to catch deep sea fish.

Here you can find information on how to put a new line on a rod.

So basically thread the new line down through the eyes of the rod and then attach to the reel. Carefully reel in the line until the reel is nearly full. Cut off the line between the last eye on the rod and the container.

Necessities when going out with a boat

If you are going to fish out of a boat, you will need all the things necessary for the boating trip.

These would include life jackets, cooler, net, maybe clothing to keep you dry and warm if fishing in wintertime weather.

And waterproof case and a backup battery for your smartphone.

And don’t forget to check about a fishing license for the area where you will be fishing and the type of fishing that you will be doing.

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